Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Left Bank, Fremantle

The Left Bank is a historical pub by the beautiful Swan River. Other than the amazing scenery, the wide selection of beers and ciders on tap, they serve fresh pub style seafood. This pub is always a favourite of ours when we venture into Fremantle and is perfect for any Sunday session. Aside from the many choices on their main menu, they continue to have great specials during the week (see their website).

Chilli Mussels ($16)

Don't trust anyone who doesn't like Chilli Mussels! This was just perfection marinated and drenched in a spicy tomato sauce! The mussels were definitely fresh and almost none of the shells were empty, which we are always disappointed by. It also came with a few slices of Turkish bread to soak up all of that amazing sauce. It is one of the best Chilli Mussels we've had in Perth and we can't find any faults with this dish, so we're giving it a big 10/10

WA Fresh Crayfish (Large) ($39.95)

After seeing this dish featured on the Perth Food Engineers' Instagram a while ago, we were eager give it a go, as we rarely get the chance to taste fresh crayfish. The crayfish was cut into 3 big tail pieces and were wonderfully grilled, giving it a smokey charred flavour. The meat within was succulent, sweet and juicy which paired nicely with the garlic butter. The dish deserved a rating of 9/10.

Overall Review

Even though the prices sound quite high, the freshness, quality and serving sizes were beyond expectations. The Left Bank is a crowd pleaser, a great place to take your friends and family to, even for those that don't like seafood there are plenty of other options on the menu. Aside from the amazing food, you can't ignore the magical fairy-light illuminated atmosphere by the river. It's quite difficult to get parking there on a weekend, so we recommend getting there early or catching a lift. Overall we rate The Left Bank 9.5/10

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