Sunday, 9 August 2015

Bib & Tucker, Fremantle

Bib and Tucker is one of Perth's most popular seaside restaurants and has been on our bucket list of restaurants to try for a long time. Out of their three menus, the breakfast menu seemed the most enticing but it was only available from 7am - 11am, so it's best to get there early and besides, you can't go wrong with an early morning by the beach. We recommend making a booking in advance to avoid disappointment as they get quite busy during breakfast time. 

Our friend Sophie was the lucky guest for this blog post, she absolutely loves brunching and has tried out so many amazing places in Perth and Melbourne. Be sure to follow her on Instagram (@sophielei) to see some delicious food pictures. We could both appreciate the lovely views of Leighton Beach, which is secluded from central Fremantle and gives the area such a peaceful feel. 

Chai Latte ($4.20)

Being a Chai addict, having brunch without it would just seem incomplete. But this Chai latte was a disappointment, personally we prefer Chai latte made from proper Chai tea but this one was very powdery and had an artificially sweet taste too it. We would recommend ordering other drinks from the menu instead. 

Pulled Spiced Beef Brisket ($27)

This was our favourite dish out of the three dishes that we tried, it's definitely one of the more hearty options on the menu. The pulled beef was nice and tender with a light hint of spice, while the texture complemented the eggs and fried tomato very well. The pickled pumpkin on the side was a nice addition giving the dish some extra tangy flavour. Since it's a larger dish we recommend sharing or ordering this when you're super hungry. We give this dish a rating of 8.5/10

Middle Eastern Baked Eggs ($22)

This dish is a great option if you want a lighter meal while still being able to enjoy a warm, hearty breakfast. We loved breaking the baked eggs on top into the warm gooey tomato and baked beans on the inside, which paired beautifully with the creamy hummus and flat bread. We like that the flat bread was given to go with this dish, it makes it lighter and easier to eat without filling up on too much carbs. This dish deserves a rating of 7.5/10

Warm Coconut and Tapioca Porridge ($16)

We've never tried Tapioca porridge before so we were excited to try it out and have something sweet with our savoury dishes. The black sticky rice and soft creamy tapioca is a great twist on traditional porridge, the sweetness was subtle and very enjoyable while there was a light fragrant coconut flavour infused into it. The palm sugar banana gave the dish a little bit of fruity freshness that it needed. If coconut candles could be turned into food, this would be it! We rate this dish 7.5/10.

Overall Review

Overall the food was good and the amazing atmosphere set the tone for the rest of the morning. The menu offers very classic breakfast options but the chef has add a few creative tweaks here and there. However we felt that the service was a little slow but it was understandable as it was during a busy period. We would recommend coming here for the atmosphere but in terms of food there are more interesting options in Freo, so we give Bib and Tucker a rating of 7.5/10

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