Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Little Bird Cafe, Northbridge

The Little Bird Cafe is one of many trendy cafés in Northbridge, they are known for their healthy breakfast and lunch options, and their diary-free vegan smoothies. We like how the café is set out in a large space filled with art and other vintage goodies. It's definitely the ideal spot to catch up with friends over a delicious meal. 

Since Megan is having the time of her life in Europe (I'm so jealous!!), in the next few blogs I'll be accompanied by a few other friends. Allira was the lucky guest for this outing, she loves her coffee and hipster cafés, plus we were overdue for a catch up!

Coconut and Buckwheat Pancakes $19.50

How can you not appreciate how beautifully this dish is presented?! We noticed that anything that is served with fruit, decorated according to the cafés vibrant florally theme. The pancake was nice and fluffy and had a lovely coconut sauce spread over the top. The mixture of fruit is not only great for getting your daily intake of fruit, it complimented the pancake very nicely. However, we felt that the pancake may have been too thick and the coconut sauce became a little bit too sweet and overpowering after a while. This dish is good to try out when you're craving a sugar fix, we rate this dish 7/10

Breakfast Ramen $20.50

As we were both ramen lovers, it was intriguing to see how it could be turned into a breakfast dish. To be honest we were left a bit disappointed, the only aspect of this dish that made it a breakfast dish was the poached egg on top. There was nothing wrong with the taste of it though, the chicken was tender, and the noodles were very nicely cooked. We wished they had added some other elements to it to make it more interesting, like bacon, corn fritters or Sriracha hot sauce...etc. We rate it 6.5/10

Overall Review

The Little Bird Café was a great place to catch up and hang out amongst the quirky decor, the customer service was lovely and we wouldn't mind returning to have a coffee and try their beautiful cakes. The food was quite average but it is good value for what you pay for. Overall we rate this café 7/10

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