Friday, 10 July 2015

Chimek, Fremantle Markets

After hearing all the buzz about Chimek there was no doubt about trying it out! Chimek is a small food stall inside the Fremantle Markets, which specialises in serving chicken and beer, and they've also become quite popular for their Charcoal Beef Burger. Just as a heads up, they sell out of their more popular items very quickly so we recommend going before midday. 

For this blog Megan was unavailable, so my friend Soo Ching was the lucky guest today. She's done a fair bit of travelling and eating in Asia so it was interesting to get her opinion on the food. 

Charcoal Beef Burger ($10)

We had to see what all the fuss is about with this burger and we've never tried a black bun before and we were intrigued to see if the charcoal would add any different flavours. Charcoal buns are quite popular in Asia, it is made from bamboo charcoal and is supposed to help with digestion. Surprisingly the charcoal bun just tasted like a regular bun, but it was still delicious! The beef patty was cooked perfectly and slightly pink in the middle making it nice and tender while the cheese, onion and mushroom complimented it. However the burger wasn't too different from what we've had before, so we rate it 7/10

Guadalajara Cilantro Wings ($10)

The wings were definitely our favourite out of all the dishes we tried. You can't really go wrong with fried chicken but Chimek took it to the next level with the marinate, herbs and spices on top. The Guadalajara Cilantro wings have a Mexcian influence, the herbs and spices on top reminded us of chimichurri. The tanginess with a hint of spice worked beautifully with the crunchy texture of the chicken, which also had nice tender meat on the inside. We like that Chimek has 5 different style of wings, each correlating to a different cusine (American, Korean, Italian, Mexician, South American) so there was plenty of variety. We rate this dish 9.5/10

Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake ($7.50)

After being tempted by all those mouth-watering pictures on Instagram and being a Matcha lover, we couldn't leave without trying this. The Matcha flavour wasn't too sweet or intense which is great after having a big meal. The cake was very smooth, soft and creamy, however we feel that they might have added a little too much cream cheese to their recipe. The first couple of bites were delicious but after that it became a little too rich, so we gave it a rating of 6.5/10

Overall Review

Although Chimek is just a tiny market stall, the staff were very friendly and efficient, even though it was a busy weekend we could see that everyone was happy and received their food fast. We were very impressed with the consistent quality of food and it's great value for money. It's amazing to see a small business have so much support online, we highly recommend visiting their stall next time you're in Freo and we rate them 8/10 overall. 

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