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Northbridge Chinese Restaurant, Northbridge

Northbridge Chinese Restaurant is very popular for Yum Cha in the asian community and amongst asian families. This also one of Jiaxin's favourite family traditions. They serve traditional Dim Sum dishes on the trolley and to order as well. This is like tapas but a whole lot cheaper with each dish ranging from $5 to $7 filled with succulent asian delights! They open at 10am most days and we would recommend going as soon as they open to secure a table on the weekends, it does pack out quite fast and you'll be left with a 30 - 45 minute wait.

 Fried Squid Tentacles 

This dish is a classic all rounder, everybody will love this no matter who! This dish was everything we wanted it to be, crispy, tender, juicy and a hint of spice. For those people that love some extra spice, they were perfect for dipping in the chilli paste. We give it a rating of 8/10.

 Soft-shell Crab 

We both have never tried this dish before and we were curious to try it out. As the shell was left on we were afraid that it would be a similar texture to prawn shells and would require removing before eating which would be inconvenient with the batter. However we were pleasantly surprised, we bit into a light crispy shell that was not hard and un-edible but blended beautifully into the soft tender crab meat. We give this dish a rating of 9/10.

 Pork and Prawn Dumplings (Xiao Mi)

The Pork and Prawn Dumplings are another Chinese classic which never disappoints. The filling had plenty of texture and flavour from the pork and prawn, with beautiful colour and added flavour from the roe. This is also another dish which is perfect for dipping in the chilli paste.  We give this dish a rating of 8/10.

 Phoenix Claw (Feng Jia)

This dish is amazing but not for everyone. If you've grown up with this dish, it's going to be one of your dim sum favourites. If you've never tried this before, we recommend that you take the plunge and give it a go. It does have a lot of bone, but if you like the texture of soft chicken skin with a little tendon meat inside you'll enjoy it. It is marinated with a lovely savoury sauce with a dash of heat, and we rate it 7.5/10. 

 Prawn Dumplings (Har Gow)

If you go to Yum Cha you have to try this dish! It is a delightful steamed dumpling, with juicy prawns inside and a soft translucent dough on the outside. Compared to other ones we've tried, the prawns inside had a lot more texture and it wasn't just "blended up prawn", and once again it was amazing dipped into the chilli paste! It deserves a rating of 9/10.

 Radish Cake (Lo Bak Gow)

This is the Chinese version of a potato cake, it has small pieces of pork inside but just enough to make it not overly meaty. It is also lightly grilled to give it just the right texture. This dish is more neutral and goes perfectly along side the more powerful dishes we ordered. We rate it 8/10.

Choy Sum

This dish was quite simple but worked well with all the meaty dishes we ordered, it was nice to have a bit of vegetables on the side. It is drizzled with a nice oyster sauce which gives it flavour. We only wish that the vegetable were cut into more bite sized pieces as we made a mess and we rate this dish 6.5/10. 

Overall Review

Keep in mind, we over ordered for the two of us just so we could review more dishes for you guys. If you're planning to try out Yum Cha we recommend ordering 2-3 dishes per person. Northbridge Chinese Restaurant is one of the highest quality dim sum in Perth and the prices are more than reasonable. There's also a magic rule from BuzzFeed that dim sum always comes to $25 per head and its true! We cannot recommend this place more, it has all the traditional Chinese favourites. Overall they deserve a rating of 9/10. 

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