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Night Noodle Markets, Eat Drink Perth 2015

Eat Drink Perth 2015 Program: click here!

The Night Noodle Markets are running in the Perth Cultural Centre (outside the State Library and Art Gallery) from the 18th - 29th March from 5:00pm - 8:00pm, so there's still time to check it out. This festival replicates traditional Asian hawker markets and showcases Perth's best and most unique Asian cuisine at very cheap prices, as well as free entry! The photos will not be our best, as you can see it was very crowded and it was extremely difficult to stop and take a photo without a head or two in the way. We hope you enjoy this more realistic style of blogging because we love sharing our foodie experiences with you. Give us feedback please, let us know if we should occasionally do blogs on Perth foodie events :)

We decided to go on a Friday night after work, but that didn't turn out to be the best idea, we arrived around 5:45pm and it was already packed out and we could hardly move through the space. So it'll probably be better to go to these types of events on a week night in the future. 

We wandered around the three sections of the market before we decided what we were going to eat. There was one in the Urban Orchard, outside the State Library and in front of the Museum. The areas were all lined with beautiful lanterns and the space was filled with aromas of the amazing food! 

We decided to stop at the Print Hall/Apple Daily stand to pickup some Chicken Wings and Pork Ribs, upon seeing everyone's amazing food pics on Instagram and hearing great reviews from other food bloggers. 

Linley Valley Pork Ribs, Taramind, Chilli, Coriander ($12)

We always gravitate towards rib dishes because they very rarely disappoint us, and just as expected these ribs were amazing! The taramind, chilli and coriander all worked beautifully together with the pork. Despite this dish being cooked in large batches Apple Daily didn't compromised the quality, the meat was juicy, tender and came right off the bone. Our only issue was trying to find a spot to sit down and enjoy this without making a mess. For the great price point and quality, this dish deserved a rating of 8/10. 

Chicken Wings, Narm Phrik Pao Caramel, Puffed Rice ($9)

The wings from Apple Daily were sensational. Crispy with the puffed rice and full of tangy and sweet flavours from the marinade which worked together so well. The chicken was cooked perfectly, beautiful and tender. For the price, we were served with three decent sized wings with plenty of meat on them which we thought was good value for money.This dish deserved a rating of 8/10.

Lychee and Mint Drink ($5)

As soon as we saw this drink on the menu at the Turban Chopsticks stall we had to try it. We are both lovers of lychee and felt like a nice refreshing drink after our meaty dishes. This drink definitely hydrated with the fresh lychee, lemon and the hint of mint. Our only issue was the drink was literally fruit, ice and water, which for the price of the drink we did not think was worth it. We rate this drink 5/10.

We came across Yalumba's awesome two story storage container bar in the centre of all the markets.  We would've both loved to take a seat up on the top floor but unfortunately it was extremely packed out. We suggest getting there early to secure a spot.

Pork Buns (6 for $15)

We were excited to try the BBQ Pork Buns from the Let's do Yum Cha stall but unfortunately we were left a little disappointed. The buns had hardly any BBQ pork inside, which left them dry, bland and very filling. We would definitely recommend trying the prawn dumplings instead, which we tried next. We give this dish a rating of 5/10. 

Prawn Dumplings (6 for $15)

You can never go wrong with prawn dumplings when you have Dim Sum and this was no exception! The skin was soft and smooth, with juicy tender prawns on the inside and they go very nicely with a bit of soy sauce and chilli sauce on the side. If you've never had Dim Sum or any type of dumplings before, this is the one to try, it's a classic and it's always done well. It's usually $5-7 for 4 at most Dim Sum places, so it was a little bit more expensive here. We give it a rating of 7/10. 

Overall Review

Overall we enjoyed the Night Noodle Markets even though we didn't actually try any noodles! The range of asian cuisine showcased at the event was fantastic and we loved the variety that was on offer, we only wish that this event was held at a bigger venue so it would be less crowded with people, maybe that way we would be more encouraged to try more places and take our time. We were very impressed by the Apple Daily stall which is a part of Print Hall, we will be eating and reviewing their restaurant very soon! We rate the Night Noodle Markets based on the food, atmosphere and overall range of cuisines showcased at the event  8.5/10.

By the way, keep an eye on our reviews in the future, as we will be attending more great events within Perth such as Food Truck Rumble and the WA Cider and Pork Festival in Swan Valley!

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