Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Bob's Bar, Perth CBD

Bob's bar is a niche rooftop bar located inside Print Hall on Brookfield Place on St George's Terrace, the area is so beautiful and many places in the area have impressed us so far including Bar Lafayette and The Trustee, so trying out Bob's Bar was on the bucket list! Bob's bar serves a wide range of beers, ciders, cocktails and wines, along with tapas style mexican food. 

The Hills Apple Cider & Pineapple Juice

When we first arrived and found a spot to sit, we immediately noticed that the bar was extremely stuffy for a 25 degree day, normally you would expect rooftop bars to be cooler due to their height. Bob's bar is a self-serve style bar so we ordered at the counter and were served with our drinks promptly. The cider and the pineapple juice were delicious and refreshing as expected. 

Soft Taco: Adobo Duck, Grilled Sweet Corn, Red Cabbage ($13)

Not long after our drinks were served, our soft tacos had arrived. You can see in the picture the toppings were over-flowing and you can barely even see the taco shell, and as you would've guessed, it was extremely messy to eat! Aside from the messy factor the tacos were actually quite tasty, the freshness from the sweetcorn and red cabbage worked in harmony with the tender duck which had a tiny hint of spice. Our criticisms of this dish were that with the amount of topping there could've been a third taco and we wish there was the option to have a crispy shell. We give this dish a rating of 7/10. 

Kebobs: Shark Bay King Prawns, Taramind, Spring Onion ($18)

We were immediately saddened when the prawn kebobs came out as we were expecting more than just three prawns for the price! The presentation wasn't overly appetising with the blob of sauce on top. However, the prawns were fresh and tender and we could tell they were excellent quality but this only made our need for more prawns increase! We give this dish 5/10 because it was so overpriced, we would've been more satisfied with at least 4 prawns. 

Overall Review

Overall we found Bobs Bar a little disappointing, the feeling up on the rooftop was stuffy and hot, the food was very overpriced for the serving sizes in our opinion. The same good quality Mexican can be found around Perth at significantly cheaper prices with more food on your plate. We recommend coming here on a week day as they have a $20 deal where you can choose two tapas dishes from their variety of soft shell tacos and kebobs, a serve of corn chips and guacamole, and a grapefruit juice to drink. We're giving Bob's bar a lower rating of 5.5/10 because of the price to serving size ratio, the quality of food was great, perhaps we would've enjoyed it more on a weekday without the hefty price tag. 

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  1. I genuinely glad I found this blog. I need to eat out more.

    1. We are glad you like it :) You should definitely go out and explore the Perth food scene, there is so much on offer!


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