Monday, 23 February 2015

The Flour Factory, Perth CBD

The Flour Factory is a niche restaurant/bar tucked away on the side of Queen Street in Perth's CBD. They serve New York style deli food while specialising in "flour" products such as bread and pasta, which makes sense as they are situated on the site of an 100 year old flour mill. Upon entering the restaurant we could appreciate the effort put into the modern yet rustic decor, there is even a Scandinavian furniture showroom in the front. We were quickly seated by the waiter and was left to browse the menu with quite a wide selection. 

Comte Cheese Board $9

Being cheese lovers we gravitated towards the cheeses on their menu. We chose the Comte which is between a soft and hard cheese, made from unpasteurized cows milk and imported from France. This was the best idea we had all night! Not only did the cheese impress us, but the crisps with roasted pistachios on top complemented the cheese beautifully. We would also like to add that the other condiments, the dried prunes and house pickles made this cheese board perfect. There were no flaws with this dish, so we're going to give it a 10/10!

Shortly after we finished the cheese, our main meals had arrived...

House Gnocchi $24

The gnocchi was beautifully presented, cooked very nicely with complementing egg, brown butter, asparagus and parmesan. Every bite of the gnocchi was soft and fluffy, whilst the egg and brown butter added extra hints of flavour and the asparagus was a light addition. However we both thought that this dish was too light and lacked a little wow-factor, perhaps some tomato or creamy pasta sauce would've done the trick. The price was little high for the serving size, so we thought that it deserved a rating of 6/10. 

Sticky Lamb Neck $32

We wanted to finish the meal with comfort food and what is more comforting than succulent lamb, with amazing crisp fermented vegetables and a perfect jus gravy. The lamb melted in our mouths and the texture of the vegetables complimented that tenderness. After finishing this dish we definately wanted more and for the price we do wish we got a little more for our money, like the Gnocchi. Overall we think this dish deserves a 7/10.

Overall Review 

We can appreciate the quality of food, excellent atmosphere and amazing cheese that The Flour Factory offers, however the price-to-portion-size ratio does not work in anyones favour. We are aware of the hefty price tag that comes with dining in Perth but the amount of food we received was definitely not worth the price. Ultimately, we would recommend coming here for a cheese board and a glass of wine with friends. The Flour Factory earns itself a rating of 6.5/10, the rating would've been higher if the portion sizes were a little more substantial. 

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  1. Beautiful photos, I have been meaning to visit but perhaps for a coffee. The gnocchi portion looks quite tiny.

    1. Hi Lee, thanks for your comment :)
      The portion sizes there are quite small, coffee/brunch is probably a better idea than dinner.


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