Sunday, 8 February 2015

La Veen Coffee and Kitchen, Perth CBD

La Veen is situated in a heritage listed building on the corner of Wellington and King Street serving seasonal coffee, homemade bread/pastry and all day food. The restaurant has a modern and hip vibe to it offering vegan, gluten free and organic options.

We were seated in the cosy cafe area and served by the polite waiters promptly. Our food and drinks arrived very quickly. Also we would like to mention that the Homemade Lemon Ice Tea and Fresh Strawberry and Apple Juice were amazing! We could tell that they were made with all fresh fruits and no artificial flavourings.

Florentine Slow Cooked Eggs - with Ham and Chorizo

We loved how this dish was served on the hot pan, which gave it that rustic, straight-out-of-the-pan feel. The eggs were cooked to perfection, they were nice and runny making it great for dipping in the bread. While the flavours of the egg were very light, the ham and chorizo gave the dish the extra flavours that it required. The ham was light and tender, at the same time, the chorizo gave a hint of heat to the dish. This was a nice hearty breakfast but also not too filling, we give it a rating of 8/10. 

Potato Rosti Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon

The potato rosti had a beautiful crispy outer with a soft creamy potato centre, topped off with avocado puree, two perfectly poached eggs while, the smoked salmon broke through the subtle flavours and gave it a nice hint of tanginess. The eggs were cooked exactly to our liking once again, with the yolk seeping out as we cut through the egg combing the flavours all together into one bite. This meal was great for breakfast as it was light yet still filling and reasonably healthy, we rate this dish 8/10.

Signature Tiramisu

One word: WOW! We can definitely understand why this is their signature dish! This is probably one of the nicest desserts we've had in a long time. The sponge fingers where perfectly soaked in the their signature coffee and complemented exceptionally well with the soft mascarpone cream. The "coffee dirt" added just enough texture and flavour to each bite. We rate this dish a 10/10, we both scoffed this down within a few minutes. If you try anything at La Veen, try this one!

Overall Review

For the cafe as a whole we rate it 9/10, this place is definitely worth paying a visit to when you happen to be in the city. La Veen deserved this rating because we thoroughly enjoyed every meal we had here, the quality of food and drink is always consistent. The price is a little high but thats typical for Perth prices, if you're looking to treat yourself over some brunch we highly recommend this place!  

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