Sunday, 25 January 2015

Typika Artisan Roasters, Claremont

Typika Artisan Roasters is an Espresso Bar and Cafe known for roasting their own coffee and there is also plenty of hype about their modern-style of food. As foodies we were very keen on trying this place out, however when we arrived on a Friday afternoon their was a 30 minute wait before we could be seated which was understandable as it was quite busy. After we were seated, the polite waitress took our orders and served our food and drinks promptly.

Cast Iron Pan - Cakes

Unfortunately this dish was not as good as it looks or as it is described, don't be fooled! Being a sweet tooth I gravitated towards this dish as it sounded very unique from the description on the menu, initially it tasted great. The vanilla custard and nut crumble complemented very nicely with the soft doughnut style pancake, however having eaten a quarter of the dish, the vanilla custard became too sweet and the centre of the pancake was dry and starchy. The poached pear and strawberries also added to the overpowering sweetness of the custard. This dish being $23.50 was expensive and nothing special, definitely not worth the money. Overall we rate this dish 5.5/10. 

Pulled Pork Quesadillas 

When I received the dish initially the quesadillas were presented very nicely and appetising.  However after the first few bites, the barbecue sauce became very strong and overpowering with the pulled pork, the corn and avocado salsa helped tone down the barbecue flavours but there wasn't enough of it. I didn't end up finishing the whole meal because it started to slightly burn my throat. I give this dish a rating of 4/10 being that it was quite expensive at $23 and I wouldn't recommend it.  

Overall Review

We give Typika Artisan Roasters a rating of 5/10 overall. Firstly we would like to mention that the service and the atmosphere were the positive points about this place. On the other hand we felt that this place did not live up to the hype, being an expensive restaurant in the heart of Claremont we expected the food to be more unique and refined. Perhaps our choice of dishes may not have been the best Typika has to offer but we will not be expecting to return anytime soon. 

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