Sunday, 18 January 2015

Darlings Supper Club, Northbridge

Darlings Supper Club serves Asian cuisine with a modern twist as well as having an ambient bar atmosphere which is perfect before your night out in Northbridge or just a relaxed dinner with friends. We visited on a Saturday night expecting it to be quite crowded however the space was accommodating for small groups and once seated the crowdedness was unnoticeable due to its well arranged space and lovely decor.

After we were seated, we were promptly served by a lovely waitress and she quickly attended to serving our beverages and then shortly followed by our main meals. The menu was aimed at sharing between groups of 2 - 4 people, as some dishes will not be enough as a main meal for one. It was recommended that we order three dishes between the two of us, we ordered the following...

Roast Duck Spring Rolls

The spring rolls were amazing!! It was both of our favourite overall. The pastry was crispy delicious and complemented the soft tender duck inside. The purple cabbage was a great addition to ensure that the duck did not over power the dish. The spring rolls overall were a fantastic twist to the traditional Chinese pork spring rolls. We give this dish a rating of 9.5/10.

Crispy Caramel Pork Belly

This dish is an excellent example of what the restaurant is about. It takes traditional Chinese roast pork and turns it into an exciting and new combination of flavours. The caramel glaze made this dish special as it was not too sweet but brought out the flavour of the pork. The crackle was exceptional almost better than traditional crackle, with soft shaved coconut, mint and a hint of lychee this dish is full of interesting flavours which all work amazingly together. We give this dish a rating of 9.5/10.

Fried Kway Teow 

The Kway Teow was no different from a traditional Kway Teow,  however  there was less meat than expected and the flat noodles were broken and stuck together unfortunately.  We did like that it had quite a lot of spice which more western Kway Teows lack. Overall we give this dish a rating of 7/10.

Overall Review

The restaurant as a whole we give a rating of 8/10.  The duck spring rolls and crispy pork belly, along with the lovely relaxed atmosphere makes this restaurant deserving of a high rating. However we took points off for the Kway Teow and small serving sizes. At traditional Chinese restaurants you would get larger dishes in the same price range. If value for money isn't a big deal for you and you want to try something different from your average Chinese meal we recommend you try this place.

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  1. Just so everyone knows I no longer work and Darlings and in no way want my name associated with the restaurant. I do not believe in practices of the company. Thanks to all the lovely people that did come in the time I were there. Hopefully darling will keep moving forward and not go back to the shambles and filth that it was when I started there


    1. Hi Joel, we're not sure why you commented on our post as we did not mention you in it.
      When we visited Darlings it was a few weeks after the grand opening and in our opinion, it was not in "shambles and filfth". If we were to do another blog post on Darlings we will be sure not to mention you.


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