Sunday, 17 January 2016

Voyage Kitchen, Sorrento

Voyage Kitchen is a local favourite for the residents of Sorrento, located conveniently right next to the beach. Their philosophy is to provide fresh homestyle food, whilst creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for the local community. 

Chai Latte ($4.60)

We both love chai lattes and thought we'd order one each prior to brunch. However, we were left very underwhelmed as it was overly sweet due the heavy handed use of syrup. We didn't try any of their other coffees which we're sure would be alright but we wouldn't order the chai again.

Dip Trio ($12)

We must say that $12 for the dip trio is pretty good value, you get loads of pita bread and a nice large serving of dips. Our favourites were the hummus and the pumpkin with tahina dip, the texture was so smooth and creamy, the flavours complimented very well with the walnuts and honey. The smoky red pepper and tomato dip was very average and tasted similar to salsa. We rate this dish 8.5/10.

Grilled Barramundi with Mixed Grain Salad and Roast Vegetables (Specials Menu)

This was by far our favourite dish that we tried at Voyage. The fish was cooked perfectly and we loved the crispy skin on top. The grain salad also really stood out to us because of it's delicious curry flavour and the texture from the variety of grain and cauliflower. We rate this dish 9.5/10.

Lamb Ragu Pappardelle ($28)

After tasting the beautiful Barramundi, this dish didn't quite live up to our expectations. Firstly, the lamb ragu had such a lovely flavour and the créme fraiche added some cool and creamy tones to the dish. Unfortunately, the pasta let the dish down as it was a little clumpy and stuck together, we would prefer a thinner type of pasta. We give this dish a rating of 7/10

Overall Review

We can say that Voyage Kitchen uphold their philosophy of serving fresh homestyle food as we left feeling mostly satisfied and comforted. The service was efficient and excellent, can't really fault them. Despite minor let downs, we were very happy with the quality of the food and the price is justified  due to the beautiful location. Overall we rate Voyage Kitchen 8/10.

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