Sunday, 6 December 2015

Timber Café, Harrisdale

Timber Café is a new hip café in the Southern River/Canning Vale area, it is located right next to Carey College, not where you would normally expect to find a café but they've decked out the area very nicely. Their menu is quite simplistic and contains all your favourite breakfast/brunch dishes, we were keen to try it out as we haven't found too many great local cafés in our area. 

This blog post, followed by the next two were done a while ago when Megan was in Europe. I've finally had the time to write them all up! I had a few girl friends accompany me for these posts and I took the opportunity to catch up with the lovely Sophie for this one.

Chai Tea Latte ($4.30)

Sophie and I are Chai addicts, however we've both become very fussy and Chai can only be done right one way; using Prana Chai Masala blend (our fave!). It's never the same when cafés use powdered or syrup Chai. When we saw Prana Chai displayed on their shelves, we knew it would be safe to order one, and of course we weren't disappointed. It was a pot of smooth lovely cinnamon-ey goodness!

Pan Fried Mushrooms ($17.50)

We recommend this dish as a nice light vegetarian breakfast option. It contains 5 different types of mushrooms, all buttered to perfection with a nice hint of spice to it. The poached egg was a nice addition to the dish, giving it substance and texture. Out of the two dishes that we tried, this one was our favourite and we rate this dish 8/10.

Ham Scram Sarni ($16)

We usually like to go for the more adventurous options, with the way it was described on the menu, we didn't know it was served as a burger. The ham and scrambled eggs were nice but nothing special. We found this dish quite average and we wish we had tried something else on the menu. We give this dish a rating of 6/10.

Overall Review

I think it's great that more cute cafés are opening up South of the River, so we don't always have to venture into the city or North of the River to get some good coffee and food. We found the menu quite average and a little boring, however the staff were lovely and the service was great. Keep in mind that we visited a while ago when Timber Café had first opened, they've updated their menu and may have improved since then. I would definitely like to go back and try the new things on their menu. Overall we rate our visit 7/10

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