Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Standard, Northbridge

The Standard is a relatively new establishment on Roe Street in Northbridge serving Modern Australian cuisine. We've had The Standard on our bucket list of new places to try in Perth since it opened and we were very excited to give it a go! With the food scene expanding so much in Perth lately, we wanted to see how The Standard measured up against other new restaurants.

From the front of the building, you wouldn't expect to see such a lovely relaxed outdoor dining space inside. Upon first inspection of the menu, we felt a little discouraged as once again we were faced with a share plates/tapas menu. If you've been reading our blogs for a while, you'll know we're not a fan of share plates because it is usually overpriced with very small portions. However the lovely waitress clarified that the smaller portions are at the top of the menu list and larger on the bottom, which helped a lot with our meal selection. 

Pash On ($28)

We liked that they had shared cocktails which are great value and delicious! Usually one cocktail would be around the $20 mark, but the share cocktails are $28 and between the two of us we got around 3 glasses each. The 'Pash On' tasted like a lovely tropical juice with a nice dash of passionfruit, you can hardly taste any alcohol in it but you'll feel it soon enough ;)

 Crispy Eggplant Salad, Grapefruit Caramel, Pea Tendrils, Chilli ($18)

We're not going to lie, most of the time we find salads boring! This is probably the most interesting and flavoursome salad we've had in a long time. The crispy eggplant was the key to this dish, it had a nice crispy texture on the outside with a soft warm inside, it gave the dish the savoury element that it needed. Grapefruit is quite unusual to have in a salad however it worked amazingly with the eggplant, adding some sweetness and zest to the dish. The chef did a great job with selecting the dressing and adding some chilli for an extra kick. This would be a good recommendation for vegetarians, being meat lovers we almost forgot that this was a non-meat dish! We rate this dish 9/10

Beef Brisket, Brioche, Pickle, Russian Dressing, Buttered Cabbage ($24)

This dish was recommended to us by the waiter so we knew it would be one of the stand out dishes on the menu. We could tell the beef brisket was good quality and we really enjoyed the smokey flavour. The pickle, Russian dressing and buttered cabbage added tanginess and texture which complemented the smokiness of the beef. Our only critique was that the brioche pieces could be smaller as the crunchiness made it difficult to bite into. The brisket deserves a rating of 7.5/10.

Free Range BBQ Chicken Wings, Granny Smith Apple ($12)

Chicken wings are always a favourite of ours so we had to order them here. When the dish was served we were a little disappointed with the portion size, instead of full chicken wings they were tiny bite-sized drumsticks. The meat was over cooked and dry considering drumsticks are normally the most tender part of the chicken. We felt that the sauce and the granny smith apple didn't do much for the dish and were more of a decoration. We rate this dish 3.5/10.

We would also like to mention that the outdoor dining space also has a rooftop area which would be perfect for a catchup with friends or a romantic dinner with your significant other. 

Overall Review

Overall we really enjoyed our dinner at The Standard and we were impressed by the good value of the share cocktail and surprised by the portion size of some of the dishes considering it is a share plate menu. The customer service had no faults and we will definitely be back with friends and family in the future. As a whole we rate The Standard 8/10.

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