Monday, 9 March 2015

Asado BBQ, Claremont

It's great to see so many new and creative places open up in Perth, especially since we haven't seen much of Argentinian cuisine. Asado is a relaxed bar/restaurant and specialise in serving Argentinian street food and parilla style barbecued meats. Upon arrival we were impressed by the decor and the layout of the restaurant, it has generous indoor seating and a niche outdoor area perfect for afternoon drinks. 

We were seated by a very nice waitress and served our drinks quite quickly. We would like to mention that there are lots of great selections available on the wine list. However, the dinner menu did disappoint us a little, as it was mostly small tapas (share plates) which were overpriced, we would like to see something different from Perth, small and expensive tapas meals are being done everywhere! Not long after, our meals had arrived. 

Empanadas, House Relish ($15)

The Epanadas are an Argentinian classic street food, which neither of us had tried before. Upon arrival they looked delicious as they were served with an appetising tomato relish and we couldn't wait to try them out.  Unfortunately, after a few bites we were disappointed, the stuffing inside was a little dry and lacked flavour, without the tomato relish this dish would've been quite bland, so we rated this dish 4/10.

Choripans: Chorizo Hotdogs, Chimmichurri ($14)

The idea of having chorizo in a hotdog sounds amazing, so we had to try this. We can appreciate the creativity put into this dish, however it wasn't as great as we expected. After a few bites, it became too dry and the flavour of the chorizo was too salty. The chimmichurri was a great touch but the hotdogs still needed some freshness to it to combat the dry and saltiness, perhaps some guacamole or tomato relish would've done the trick.  We give this dish a rating of 6/10.

Asado Beef Short Ribs, Chimmichurri, Salsa Criolla ($22)

We expected nothing less of an Argentinian inspired restaurant; meat and plenty of it! When this dish arrived we were ready to dig in. We loved that it was served with chimmichurri and tomato criolla, this dish definitely didn't skimp on the beef. The only downfall for us was that the meat was very oily, there was a huge layer of fat on each piece and the board that it was served on was covered in oil. We understand that some people like some extra fat on their meat, but we were not a fan and we thought that the fat could've been cooked to be a little more crisp. The beef ribs deserved a rating of 6/10.

Overall Review

Overall we loved the idea of a restaurant showcasing new and exciting Argentinian street food in Perth but we were disappointed in the food quality and serving size. We understand at the time of dining this restaurant was still very new, so we hope that it will keep improving and perfecting it's dishes. We would recommend maybe trying the food here for brunch as we've heard great reports from many of Perth's food bloggers. Lastly we cannot fault the lovely service by the wait staff, they were extremely attentive and full of personality. We rate Asado BBQ 6.5/10.

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